The Company

O&K is a vastly growing company with a high level of expertise. We have skilled workers and partners to tackle all customer demands.

Our aim is to sell high-quality products without intermediaries for a fair price. Everyone on our team has prior experience working internationally, mostly Estonia, Sweden, and Norway.

Our team is bright, driven and has a hands-on attitude. Some team members know how to build structures and facades of buildings, and others know how to furnish them. As a result, various parts of the construction process are always covered.

We offer a wide range of top quality products which are mostly made by Estonian manufacturers. In addition to goods, O&K offers various services strongly connected to products we sell.

Kaarel Liiv

Kaarel has 15 years of experience in various interior projects from start to finish: hotel furniture, inner doors, windows and more. Kaarel has worked side by side with a myriad of Estonian manufacturers, and he’s been an essential part of different projects in Baltics and Scandinavia.

During these 15 years, Kaarel has had different positions. He entered the industry from entry level as a furniture installer. Kaarel then proved himself to be worthy and quickly moved up to become a furniture project manager for a 12-story hotel, and later ran a window project comprising of 2000 pieces.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Partners of O&K have extensive know-how in different areas and practical experience in various countries. Our partner list is long, which makes working with us worthwhile, as you’ll receive the best possible service available on the market. High-quality products, undisputable results and a wide range of services are guaranteed.

We only work with partners whose background is 100% legible and who are able to deliver at all times. We always run background checks before we start working with someone new. Because quality and timekeeping are essential to us.